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Just Added! HollysGmom’s page

Just Added!


HollysGmom’s Page

HGM is dedicated to discovering the truth

for Missing & Murdered Children across the Country

If you have a question about a case she is covering

 a request for assitance with a case

or just a comment

Feel free to post in the comments field

 both here and on her personal page


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My Author Page at Blogger News Network

This is my Author page located at BNN – Blogger News Network .

It contains some personal bio information and links to my published works located there.


Posts by Lesa Conway:



Many thanks to Simon & Jan Barrett for allowing me

to use the voice

I had all along but only just found!

Follow us on Twitter: @TheINNsider


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Welcome to INN

I  had brainstormed on topics to open the site with and several ideas came to mind.

The list is as follows:

Complete coverage and investigation into Aja Johnson’s Abduction & Disappearance

Further investigations into Hasanni Campbell’s Disappearance

On-going updates in the Haleigh Cummings case, both AP standard & Commentary

The use of Crime Forums to build Network Marketing Profiles or further career agendas

Law Enforcement Tactics & How They Apply To Various Cases

The Media: Titles & Applicable Ethics; A Consumer Guide

Plots & Agendas: Bloggers And Case Involvement

Law Enforcement: Crime Cases & The Internet, Helping Or Hindering?

These articles and more will post this week.

We are about to begin……

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