Lovely Eyes


Lovely Eyes is a chick that has a quirky way of looking at things, and sometimes her way is controversial. She is not at all shy, when it comes to the topics that will be explored in her corner. Her honesty runs deep and her thoughts demonstrate that. Some of her talents/hobbies are writing poetry, reading, studying ancient history, and spirituality/religion, watching classic films. Lovely has decided to share her experiences here at INN and looks forward to this prosperous journey with you.


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INN The Corner With Lovely Eyes


2 responses to “Lovely Eyes

  1. treece

    Lovely Eyes interesting article, very well written!!!!

    Inn keeper- great description of Lovely Eyes:

    She is a sassy, saucy lass who tells it like it is…

    I agree and might add she’s classy too.

  2. Thanks Treece! I appreciate and respect your seal of approval…LOL! I’m about to post segment 2 of Lovely Eyes….See you soon!

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