If you’re looking for HollysGmom, you’ve found her. I am HGM. I started out following Missing & Murdered Child cases originally with Jon Benet Ramsey.  I followed the case through the years. I read every book written on the case, including the Grand Jury endictment. My daughter and a few other young female relatives had been entering small pageants just prior to JBR’s muder, so when the news broke, it was very personal to me. Now, we weren’t doing the upscale, State and National pageants, just local, small town entries; but we knew about that world. The high-end, for cash & prizes pageants where little tiny girls wore wiglets, false eyelashes, a lot of make-up, and risque outfits or never even place. Competitions where the mother’s pretended to wish each other well, while chiding the judges, making catty & rude comments about other participants and parent(s). It was something we never aspired to. We were just enjoying a little self-esteem lift for my daughter & some pretty exciting Mommy & Daughter time. She did well each time and when it stopped being fun…we stopped competing. Now it’s Miss Holly’s turn on the stage. Her whole family just beams with pride from the audience as she and I walk across that stage. No matter if she places or not, we always have fun and everyone is just as proud. Sometimes we do well, other times not. If she ever says she doesn’t want to do it anymore then we will stop entering.  Her cousin and practical twin always compete with us so they always have fun together.

I picked HollysGmom as my Alter Ego/Nic/Hat because I started following these cases online due to the Caylee Anthony Case. It became more personal to me when I realized that Caylee and Miss Holly were both born on the same day,  Aug 9th, only Holly had been born on Caylee’s 2nd birthday. Scarier then that was the fact that Holly looked very much like Caylee’s baby pictures.  It’s been somewhat disturbing to watch month after month as they continue to look so much alike. Holly is just now surpassing Caylee in age and the resemblance at times takes my breath away. At least once I looked at sweet little Holly in the car and was thankful I hadn’t put her hair up in a pony tail that day. Same little squint at the sun. My life’s work, truly, will be making sure nothing terrible or tragic happens to Holly. We have a fantastic bond and I’ll do everything I can to make sure that continues. 

I’ve always been inquisitive and as a young adult had tested in a high percentile for Law Enforcement, Investigator, Forensics,  type career. If  I had to pick my favorite question it would be “Why?”. I’ve always enjoyed mysteries and thrillers. I so often figure out the plot 10 minutes into the movie it’s hard to find one that stumps me. When I first became acquainted with the internet I bought a download of Net Detective and went to town, learning all I could, as fast as I could. Much of the download I never used, but there were a few fantastic nuggets inside. I had already learned a lot about public records while researching a land title for my husband. I ended up proving to the title company that they had previously issued a clear title on a property that still had a lien/unclear title. They had to pay the money to clear it up thus legitimately giving him clear title to the property. That was before I had ever owned a computer or been online. It is also no small feat to get a Land Title company to admit this kind of error and cough up. I still use several of the methods I learned then. I’m thinking about writing a column to offer tips and resources with tips written in by others.

I started out following Caylee’s case online through Gale St John, Brian Ladd, & WebSleuths websites. I learned some things while at WS but I was not a good fit so banned I got, LOL. Just prior to leaving WS the Haleigh Cummings case broke. I was ready to get to work helping find her!  I wandered a little and then found BNN – Blogger News Network. I started posting there and really found a home. Sometimes things were contentious, but mostly thought-provoking and very informative. I found myself posting long, well thought out theories and ideas. I helped research and post facts about Haleigh’s case; maps, public records, local wildlife info, etc. Then last November I realized I had some things to say. Things I wanted to share with the World in hopes that others would benefit from it. I applied to the Writer’s Wanted link at BNN and I became a published writer for the website. I happily added my voice to the plights of several missing children’s cases. I now transcribe the audio that Simon & Jan post. I consider it a  labor of love, my small contribution to finding the truth for Haleigh.  I continue to post at BNN as well as read at several different forums for news, links, updates, theories, etc. Some of my favorites are BNN, Scared Monkies, & WebSleuths. I  now post on Twitter as TheINNsider and I am Editor for this website.

 I decided I wanted to try my own blog & news site. I also wanted to offer others a place to publish their written works and hopefully everyone benefits from collective exposure. Internet News Now was born from that desire. I’ve always heard “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” so, I hope my Editors at BNN, Simon & Jan Barrett, feel flattered.  Another of my favorite Quotes is from Anthony Robbins “Find some body whose successfull and emulate them”.  I think it’s fantastic advice. I plan to continue to write articles, cover Missing Child & Adult cases, & recruit content writers for a multitude of topics.

I am often asked by others about links to information, facts about cases, thoughts on various topics and more so I thought it might be a good idea to offer a place where others can find me and post directly to me. I thought it might make it less likely for me to miss those important posts.  That is what this page is all about. An introduction for those who don’t know me, a sort of bio for those who are curious, and a meeting place for all my pals. I’ve made a lot of friends through out these cases but I’ve made some heated enemies too. The latter was never by intention, rather more by opposition of points of view. Through it all I remain loyal only to the Child. The truth and justice for them is my driving force. I’ll settle for nothing less.

 I will look into any lead, dig up any verifying or supportive documentation, whatever it takes to finally learn the truth.  I had posted the address of the location Aja Johnson’s little body was found on day 1. A blogger insisted it was invasion of privacy because it belonged to Aja’s murderer’s ex-wife. He also murdered Aja’s mother in front of her. We weren’t privy to it then but Lester Hobb’s Ex, that day, had gone into protective custody and hiding for fear of him murdering her. I felt badly and didn’t press the issue any further. Months later when I found out that same location was where she drew her last it was like a kick in the stomach. If only I had recruited a local to go look, keep a watch out, maybe they could have caught him in time. It was so obvious it hurts.  Now I vow to never let that happen again. Even if I don’t post publicly, I will never ignore intel that could potentially save a child’s life.  If it’s public record, it’s fair game. If you steal, abuse, or murder a child, I WILL be after you. Bank on it! 

If you hate me because I’ve said or posted unfavorable things about your loved one try to take comfort in the fact that I truly care about the child and only want the truth and justice for him or her. If your loved one is indeed innocent it will be revealed. Try to just be glad so many people care and give so much of themselves in the pursuit of that truth. Not every child/case gets National attention.

If there’s anything you’d like to ask or a comment you’d like to make…Post away!

HGM AKA HollysGmom

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17 responses to “HollysGmom

  1. Niterbug

    Hey HollysGmom! I have really missed ya over at BNN but it’s not the same over there much anymore. I never posted much there but really enjoyed the info you and a few select others provided to the Haleigh case and well ya’ll just aren’t around BNN lately! Just wanted to know if there is somewhere you and others are these days! I really miss your insight!

  2. Hello Niterbug…I’ve missed you as well! I have been really busy speding more time with Miss Holly and planting my first summer garden. ALso I have joined RadioNewz new Haleigh/Crime sleuthing Forum. Right away I was offered a position as a Moderator there which I jumped at…LOL! WHile I stil am a big fan of BNN and miss all my pals there I would like to extend an invitation for you to join us at the new forum. I think that you’d be a welcomed member and can contribute much to our new little organization.
    http://forums.radionewz.net/ I left you a message at BNN as well but without the link. I look forward to seeing you at Radio’s . We’re a somewhat irreverant group at times but we are really trying to give people something different, new, & exciting in regard to crime sleuthing or case following.
    Hope to see you there soon! HGM

  3. Hey HollyG! I have been referred to you by JB (Mission) regarding Kronk’s meter routes, PRIOR to Caylee’s disappearance. He thought you may have been the one to find that info. If so, I’d love it if you’d point me to it :). Thanks.

  4. Hey there bitchy OLD BROAD

    Calling my friends “terrorists” now?
    I do believe you’ve stepped on the WRONG toes dearie. Trust me on that, Granny. I know these fine people of whom you refer to (libel). One guy (tech wiz!) has EVERYTHING on you…..including your involuntary commitment info. HAHA!!
    Lemme guess…..this innocuous little note to
    you will also be perceived as a “stalker’s terroristic threat”. LMFAO you dumbass jerk, mentally unstable loser (who has no business being around children), conspiracy theorist nut radical fringe dweller, fake “super sleuth” (LOL), “friend” of proven FAKE lunatic psychic StephA (double LOL), junior high drop-out who works graveyard at the local roach motel/shithole and libeler. Oh…..and you probably claim a past alien abduction! 🙂
    Do DRAMA much, Connie the conwoman?? Hahaha! Who the F do you think you are,
    old, obese granny? We LAUGH AT YOU loser. Stop being so stupidly obsessive, douchebag!
    And lastly—–quit putting your poor grandkid in pageants!!! The sexualization and exploitation of young women needs to stop!!!!

  5. HollysGmom

    LOL proves what you really know…

  6. OMG these fools!! LMAO! They talk so much trash while crying about YOU talking trash?? LMAO. Hilarious! SMH… Silly rascals. If they only knew!

    • "You Know Who" in Crestview as reported to Jess :)

      Oh but we DO KNOW, Cat. You can hear Lesa from blocks away and through closed doors/windows. She is a loud-mouthed, garbage-mouthed jerk who thinks she’s some happening chick in her 30s or something!!! She’s the laughing stock around here!!!!!!!!

    • CAT, Love ya girl! Thanks for having my back. What the TRUELY STUPID people don’t know is that the person that they have PUBLICLY defamed has NEVER BEEN CONVICTED OF A CRIME & IS IN FACT A CRIMINAL JUSTICE MAJOR. Flipping IDIOTS! LOL WHat they also failed to realize is that the man is the son of a property BARRON. They currently have a multi-million $ property sale completeing soon & has already given his word that he will not only be charging these people with CRIMES against him but also will be sueing thier sorry asses for everything they are worth and then some! 😀 People always think they know stuff. What they don’t know is that the person they align themselves with are CRIMINALS themselves (one only has to look at thier arrest record to see it) and HAVE ALREADY BEEN TURNED OVER TO THE STATE JUDICIAL SYSTEM for committing PERJURY when asked by the presiding Judge “Are we related?” and replied “NO”. They are in fact, 1st cousins. This is 100% proven FACT! I also have been in contact with Mr John Cutter of OS at to the abusive persons who frequent his website to abuse others as well as spread thier gossip, slander, & hate to other websites FROM his OS. I have no fear that this situation will turn out the way it is supposed to.
      Tic-Tok Bitches! You’ve commited the crimes numerous times already, let’s see how long it take Karma to bit your ass!

    • Jess

      Just remember you stupid old sack of shit Lesa—-your priorities have always been distorted. You’ve lost your Granddaughter Holly forever—-thank God her Dad and Stepmother love her. I guess gross old-woman cheap sex with former convicted felons is more important to you. Just remember…..I’ll be one of women honest enough to tell poor Holly the sordid, nasty TRUTH about YOU when she is older. Go ahead……just try and stop me LOL!!! All your dirty little secrets out in the open once and for all. You are POWERLESS to prevent it. Have fun thinking that fact over and over in your mind. It should be loads of fun for you. XOXO. YOU ARE HATED.

      • Jess

        And by the way, the nice people I’ve chatted with recently have CONFIRMED your grossly unstable mentally ill status. I know ALL about your involuntary psychiatric commitment. I know that Holly is a sensitive topic for you and I’m not going to let you off easy. The good folks I’m talking to consider YOU to be a very, very bad influence on Holly. They have excellent and valid concerns. Face it—-you are known for making stupid choices and are a VERY UNSTABLE AND IMMATURE person for a woman of your age. We’re all going to keep Holly safe and far away from you—–you filthy piece of trash.

  7. You Know Who in Crestview

    Oh MY OH MY Lesa you fat slob!!!! So much great info uncovered about you!!!! Looks like your “Holly time” is non-existent and you will SOON be kept far, far, far AWAY FROM HER like you belong. Poor little girl…….bad enough she has to share genetic material with you to begin with!! Hopefully her wonderful Daddy and AWESOME Stepmom will raise her right and never let you anywhere near her. For those who don’t know…..HGM (Lesa Conway’s) own daughter is as bad as it gets. It’s a proven fact that she WALKED OUT ON HER OWN CHILD Holly and abandoned her. Her parental rights will be taken away soon…..very soon! Thank God for her Father and Stepmom…..they CARE about her and are not so drunk and drugged and stuck in stupid “drama” as to ruin this child’s life. As far as Lesa and her visitation goes……..Lesa is NOT WANTED at Holly’s house and there’s A LOT of people who want Holly protected from her!! After all, Lesa Conway hangs out with KNOWN RAPISTS and cusses, drinks, takes pills and smokes like a damn chimney. She thinks she decades younger than she actually is. This is one creep who is right on track for an early grave. I guarantee it!! Working nights at a crappy motel and blogging total chit all night is the sum of her crappy existence. Take it from someone who knows……”HGM” is a worthless excuse for a human being. She’s nasty, mean spirited, vengeful, stupid, crass, is in AWFUL health (her own doing), is losing her hair, is overweight, has horrible teeth/nasty-smelling breath, is “proud” of her 10th grade education (LOL) and royally SUCKS at being any kind of Grandmother. I could go on……but she knows I’ve got her pegged!!! 🙂
    So, stupid bitch……enjoy what few years you have left on this planet, enjoy your worthless, minimum-wage crap job at the hotel, live falsely and vicariously through the internet and I’ll look forward to reading your three sentence obituary in the paper soon. Most importantly—-STAY AWAY from those poor Grandkids. Give them a chance and keep them far, far away from your RAPIST friend. Cheers!!! Take care of those 3 teeth, ok?

  8. "You Know Who" in Crestview VIA Jess :)

    Awww…..poor little drunk HGM can’t see her Granddaughter Holly. WAA WAA!!! 🙂
    Just goes to show you she (Lesa) would rather consort with rapists and felons rather than keep her poor little Gdaughter safe during visits. I still can’t believe Lesa (HGM)’s own daughter ran out and dumped her own child. They must have ZERO values nor integrity in that horrible “family”. The local townsfolk think VERY POORLY of Lesa and her family. No wonder!!! They are complete trailer trash and think it’s perfectly AOK to swear, cuss, smoke and get drunk in front of small children (sounds like JB’s household!!!). I don’t give a rat’s ass if all of my mail goes straight to the garbage bin…….it feels GOOD to let the truth out. I don’t live in that crappy, low-income, welfare-dependent part of Central Florida……I just repeat what I hear from people there. Lesa is a KNOWN SCUMBAG and DOES think she can behave like a much, much younger broad. She makes a complete ass of herself almost nightly. The criminals (men, of course) she has hanging around her roach motel during her overnight shift are disgusting!!!! She is a LOWLIFE and she has a horrible, trashy reputation. My God…..I hope her Gdaughter Holly’s Stepmom and Daddy continue to keep Lesa FAR FAR FAR away from the little ones. Sounds like she is one nasty character. Imagine!!! Cussing and carrying on like a dumbass when you are a GRANDMOTHER!!!!! She should be ashamed of herself and should be embarrassed at the stupid crap she posts over on other blogs ands twitter. Sickening!! What a disgrace to good Grandmothers everywhere. Lesa—–YOU ARE NOT IN YOUR THIRTIES. Show some class for a change. You sound like a trashy WHORE most of the time!! Little ears (and your neighbors) hear PLENTY. Trust me on that one, dumbass! 🙂

  9. HollysGmom

    Jess I will see you in court!

  10. I just love how people make claims that they know nothing about. I’ll be seeing Miss Holly this weekend 😀

  11. Lol.. my my my. What a lovely display of “class” & “maturity” I have stumbled upon in my mod box and over here. Miss Jess is back, I see, acting and sounding just as insane as always! Don’t even worry, HGM, you know most of us know the real deal. Love how this loon goes around gathering little bits and pieces from our public commentary & then contorts it into these twistedly hilarious psychobabblistic ramblings, trying to pass it off as knowledge and truth. Lil j also seems to be quite confused as to who they are, themselves… lmao.
    Must be some kind of love /hate /obsession she has w/u, talking about “I’ll suck Holly”! Wtf? Lol.. that just does not sound right!

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