Main Entry: author
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: composer of written work



biographer, columnist, composer, creator, essayist, ghost, ghostwriter, ink slinger, journalist, originator, playwright, poet, producer, prose writer, reporter, scribbler, scribe, scripter, word slinger, wordsmith, work-for-hire, writer


If you are interested in Authoring for this site, in any of the capacities listed, please fill out the form provided. Submit your contact info: Legal Name, Address, Phone Number, & Email. Include the name you will be writing under. You must also submit a sample of your work.  Your submission should contain at least 200 words, unless prose, which should contain a minimum of 50 words.  We are excited to offer this opportunity to network with others, thereby increasing our collective exsposure.  We look forward to your submissions.

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Lesa is currently the Site Owner & Administrator for Internet News Now.    She  is also a contributor of news articles & creative content.    She previously has been published at Blogger News Network (BNN).  She has a wide range of interests &  her topics for articles has every bit as wide a range.  Whether she’s tracking down information on a Missing Child’s case or reporting on medical advancements & breakthroughs, her articles are always informative & exciting.