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8 responses to “Ask INN

  1. Wondering

    Just a few quick questions:
    1. What makes you think you’re some kind of “trial/crime analyst” when the truth is that hollygmom is nothing but a poorly educated old grandma who is not-so-secretly in love with the child killer Casey Anthony??
    2. Is it true what everyone from BTR and bloggernews says about you? That you’re highly unstable and have been Baker Acted????
    3. Why have you appointed yourself the queen of worthless cut-and-paste crap at the stupid jbmission?

  2. Jocelyn

    I see you’re STILL a raving lunatic bitch. What happened to the medications the Docs prescribed for you during your Involuntary Psychiatric commitment/ Baker-act hold?? Tsk tsk……your poor grandchildren!!! OMG…..

    • I do not want to have further contact with you. Leave me alone. I do not wish further contact with anyone using the IP address:
      Lesa Conway

    • Leave me alone! I wish to have no further contact from you. Do not try to contat me or mention me to anyone or on any website. I do not want any further contact from any party using the IP address:

  3. I see you’re still WHACKED, “WONDERING” & “JOCELYN”.

    You’re still just as ignorant as you’ve always been. Lucky for you you’re so blissfully ignorant, you can’t even see how stupid and CRAZY you sound in all your random and retarded rants you spend your life spreading around the net. Otherwise you’d find yourself red in the face w/a whole lot of foot stuffed down your throats. That wouldn’t be too nice would it?

    Go read a book!


    I am very far behind in understanding the depth of this “blogger” “poster” “network”. This is criminal. I would love to help follow up with stalking charges, HGM. I have several records you may want me to share, as well. There are currently several internet stalking/harassing/slander cases that have had very large payouts. The laws are evolving and some test cases will help.

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