Did Casey Tell The Sexual Abuse Story To Authorities In 2008?

Throughout the Caylee Anthony Missing Child case & the Casey Anthony Murder case people have often stated they believe that if Casey had told authorities the drowning &/or sex abuse story that the State of Florida would not have sought a murder charge or the death penalty. I believe I have found evidence to prove that Casey did in fact relay this version of events to authorities in October of 2008.

October 13 2008: Casey Indicted by Grand Jury

Once at the OCSO Department Casey tells officers that she and her attorney, Jose Baez, are willing to have a sit-down meeting with authorities to discuss the facts of the case. This sit-down meeting is not recorded but the minutes preceding it are recorded by Nifter Media on You tube. Videos 1-7  (videos 4,5, & 6 are of Casey sitting in the room alone)

(video 1)

In video 7 at 5:30 the video picks back up after the unrecorded meeting. A male voice off camera asks Casey “Why did you wait so many years to tell about it?” The officers on camera become visibly annoyed and ignore the question as does Casey. Both men turn away from the questioner and the officer on the left chatters about the handcuffs to change the subject.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qP4IpK6sGEU&t=5m30s  (Video 7)

*****Edited to included correct video

October 20 2008:

The rest of the Anthony family has DNA collected. A FBI investigator orders Lee’s sample to be typed against Caylee’s sample to determine paternity. The return FBI report documents when the samples were taken, which test they were used for, and the results of those tests. The DNA paternity test is negative for Lee Anthony being Caylee’s biological father. Keep in mind that this testing is requested after the unrecorded meeting & within 6 days of that meeting.

http://www.wftv.com/_blank/18740657/detail.html (Pages 61 & 62)

This, I propose, is proof positive that Casey relayed the sexual abuse story to authorities on October 13 2008.It is my estimation that they required Casey to offer proof of these allegations. Her answer was the potential forCaylee to be Lee’s child via incestual rape. While it is now known that Lee is not Caylee’s father it neither provesnor disproves the incest allegations.

While it appears that the authorities did entertain the idea & investigated her claims they did not change their position on the charges. If  prosecutors did temporarily change their position they later reverted back to theMurder I charges & sought the Death Penalty. I believe this is due to Caylee’s  DNA not matching for Lee Anthony. This would have been proof positive of her claims.

Outside of the DNA matching, the only other evidence that could be given to support these claims would be aneye-witness testimony from a person known to Casey long-term.

These allegations have yet to be proven.


Did Florida Prosecutors Temporarily Stop Seeking The Death Penalty Due to Casey’s Abuse Allegations?

Further research into when FL State Prosecutors stated they would not seek the Death Penalty & how it fits into the unrecorded meeting about abuse claims & DNA testing timeline. Also when the Prosecution reverted back to seeking the Death Penalty & how it fits into this timeline.



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9 responses to “Did Casey Tell The Sexual Abuse Story To Authorities In 2008?

  1. Bea

    You have an overactive imagination.

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  3. sonja

    Holly it’s Sonja, one of the commentors on the JBmission blog (however life got in the way and I hadn’t been online much in the past few months, I hope you remember me.) – I’ve been reading albatross’es sleuthing on youtube and I wanted to ask you a question figuring that of anyone you would know where to find the answer. Did Seibert actually give the paternity test results on GA? I’ve searched all over and can’t find video where that question was answered. It seems the answer was given with regard to Lee. Secondly, is it true that the results of GA, paternity test are sealed by the FBI?


    • Hi Sonja, Nice to see ya!

      The only DNA results specifically mentioned was that Caylee could not have been the biological offspring of Lee Anthony.
      The results did not specifically mention George but Valhall at TheHinkyMeter had someone supposedly knowledgeble in DNA analysis compare the DNA graphs/info of George, Cindy, Lee, & Caylee. They assessed that there was no possibility that Caylee was either George or Lee’s biological child.

      It could be possible that Casey always believed she was a product of rape by George. If not him, then another rape. That is one thing about previous victims, perpetrators seem to have a 6th sense for them. I know that the FBI believed her. They believed her enough to DNA test both father & brother. She told them about it the day she was indicted for Caylee’s murder. Shortly thereafter the State drops the DP only to return it after Caylee was found and proven not to be a product of incest & long enough to know for sure Casey had no hard-core proof of sexual abuse (no medical exams, school counselor confessions, ect).

      Aunt Dana McCain told the radioshow & public that Casey’s abuse claims were true and all the defense’s opening statements were accurate & that they, Cindy’s family members, had been given PROOF! WHat that proof is, I do not know but I am anxious to see if it will be revealed in the future.

      • sonja

        Oh i listened to the radio show too! Do you think Cindy will ever do a tell-all? I mean the radio show contradicts what Cindy told Dr. Phil… I did read that there is some new testing that can conclude whether incest occurs and that the old tests may not be accurate? Have you come across that? I do believe that Casey and George did not know who the father was and both wondered if it was George or Lee. I’m buying the Biaz book today. GAWD those loons are all over Amazon accusing Jose of reviewing his own book. They are freaks. After the Paterno case came to light, I think it proves that there isn’t much in the way of evidence in abuse. Hell what cinched the guilty verdict, was the two eyewitnesses. I’ll be back soon. Man Holly life has been a real pain lately, but it will get better. How have you been? \

  4. sonja

    Holly did you order the book by Jose Baez? I did. I can’t wait to read it! Hope all is well:)

  5. sonja

    Hey HGM:)

    I thought I would stop by and share my thoughts about the book Jose Baez just released hoping you may want to discuss it:)

    So, last week, I bought the book and read it over the weekend and it was fabulous:) It was a page turner Holly. I’m still so fascinated by this case because I learned of it a couple of weeks before the trial started so I’ve been playing catch up trying to learn everything about this case, after the fact. The book was well worth the money. His writing is very honest and self-critical. He lets us draw our own conclusions and I see how my suspicions about the odd behavior of this family were similar to the conclusions he drew. And you know Holly, I don’t think Casey would have ever discussed the sex abuse if it weren’t for Jose. He was the one who discovered it and NOT BY CASEY!
    I can see why GA cannot sue for libel because Jose backs up his claims evidence in the form of phone-calls and texts. Casey is presented in a different light and it’s hard to read some of the parts because she did grieve Caylee in jail. I don’t want to tell to much so i don’t spoil it for you but would love to discuss it if you are interested and not busy! lastly, I feel sad for him that he is getting so much backlash for this book and that people who have never read the book, are all over Amazon leaving baseless reviews. He should be allowed to tell his story! Well I hope to hear from you soon:) Sonja

    • sonja

      HGM I made a twitter acount today and am following you. I used the blog I haven’t started as my handle. Twitter is very confusing compared to face book:)

      • HollysGmom

        Hey Sonja! I’ve been offline for awhile but I too am anxious to discuss the book. I will write back with my thoughts

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