The Casey Anthony Boyfriend Timeline

    While following the Caylee Anthony case I have often heard her mother Casey referred to as a slut or comments about her cheating on the men in her life.  However, I had noticed a different pattern and wanted to spend some time clairifying it, even if just for myself. I used the statements & depositions of the men Casey was involved with along with any electronic communications to make this timeline.

Casey sex w TonyR             01/02/2008 
Casey & Rico begin            02/23/2008
Casey & Rico split              04/14/2008
Casey sex w TonyR 1x     05/02/2008  
Casey sex wih ChrisS       05/17/2008   
Casey Met TonyL              05/24/2008
Casey TonyL 1st               06/01/2008    

Once Casey started dating TonyL she never spoke to TonyR again

Casey staying over at Rico’s after 06/15/2008 does not mean they had sex. Amy was also there & she and Rico were dating/sleeping together by that time.

None of these guys were cheated on.

Ultimately Casey had sex with 4 different guys during this timeline.  Some might say “Four guys in 5-6 months?? That’s a lot!” while others might cover that number in 1 week or 1 month.

I wonder how many sex partners Amy, Annie, Maria, and/or the guys had during that same time?

Edited to include ChrisS encounter. He was a previous boyfriend. Thank you @DianeAx for the reminder about Chris. Here is the link to his offical statement that verifies this date



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5 responses to “The Casey Anthony Boyfriend Timeline

  1. Sexy

    It’s acceptable for a male to have a lot of sex partners and he’s considered a stud. There is a double standard for sure.

    Sex Goddess

  2. Another person.

    Its not a double standard. i can think of dozens of reasons why females should be careful. One is females are way more likely to contract an std. Much more than a male. This is one of many many reasons. Only uneducated ignorant people can not comprehend simple facts.

    • My Gawd Another person…I so agree….Only UNEDUCATED IGNORANT PEOPLE can not comprehend simple facts.
      As one can CLEARLY read on the CDC website both genders are running a very close race as to STDs.
      Females triple males in chlamydia but females & males are equal in their rate of contracting Gonnorrea and males more then triple the females in cases of primary & secondary Syphillis.

      Of overall chlamydia diagnoses reported in 2009, the rate of infection among women was almost three times higher than the rate among men: 592.2 cases per 100,000 population compared to a rate of 219.3 among men. This is thought to be due to the higher number of women screened for chlamydia. For gonorrhea, the rate among women was 105.5 (cases per 100,000 population) compared to a rate of 91.9 among men. The rate of primary and secondary stage syphilis was higher among men – 7.8 cases (per 100,000) were reported for men in 2009, compared to 1.4 for women.

      Per Herpes Statistics:
      One in 4 women vs 1 in 5 men (Wow not as big a margin is there?)
      Male-to-female tramission is more efficient then female-to-male transmission.

      So if 1 in 5 men have Herpes…where did they get it from if not female partners? They are EQUALLY at risk.

      Yes there are VIABLE reasons not to have sex indiscriminately but gesh! No one said ANY of the sex Casey was having was UNPROTECTED! So where does this STD talk hold any weight?

  3. Autum

    um…well..both are good points, but as a woman i take offense to the woman contract stds easier. Men can do what ever they want and be ok in the public eye, while with woman we are damned. Not every woman carries an std, men can just as easily contract an STD as a woman. It depends on the person.

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