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Casey Anthony:Who’s Story More Closely Matches The Electronic Records

While watching the Casey Anthony Murder Trial I began to review the electronic evidence for June 16 2008. I wanted to know which account more closely matches the afore mentioned evidence. Would George’s testimony be more adequately supported by that evidence or Casey’s defense story?
I will be using Casey’s cell phone pings, call logs, text logs, and internet log activity for this determination. The following is the results of that comparison:

June 15 2008: 7:18 pm Casey arrives home evidenced by her cell phone signal pinging off of a cell tower closest to her home.

This is also the timeframe Cindy Anthony says she and Caylee were in the family swimming pool in their backyard. She adds that Casey wanted to join them in the pool but she had decided it was getting too dark & it was getting cold. (Another Cindy statement has Casey actually joining them for a swim)

Anthony neighbor tells Mark Fuhrman that he overheard loud voices and swearing eminating from the Anthony backyard or property.

“I talked to one of the immediate neighbors that is within earshot of the Anthony house, and he said that Casey Anthony had one hell of a temper. And he heard her swearing at her mother several times, so loud that he could hear it from his house, and that he would never talk to his parents that way. And he said even Father’s Day weekend, that was going on. So whether that’s true or not, it’s something that he’s observed and heard on repeated times. We’d never heard that before, and so that’s interesting all unto itself.”,2933,402098,00.html

Jesse Grund later reveals to his father that Lee Anthony told him that she and Cindy had an altercation that night that culminated in Cindy strangling Casey.

“What Lee [Anthony] had told Jesse uhm, was that the fight the night before had escalated to the point that uh, Cindy had wrapped her hands around Casey’s throat and was trying to strangle her.”

Rick Plesea, Cindy Anthony’s brother posts about this fight on Topix website Pg 45

When asked about this alleged fight both Lee & Cindy deny it happened or that they told Jesse Grund anything like that. pg 23

Casey makes & recieves calls & texts through out the evening and into the early morning hours of June 16 2008. Last call is from Tony Lazzaro &
is answered at 3:08 am with the call disconnecting at 3:22 am. Casey makes one last text to Tony Lazzaro upon call disconnect 3:22 am.

No electronic activity from 3:22 am until 7:45 am

7:45 am The Anthony house phone is used to check Casey’s cell phone voice mail.

George and Cindy Anthony both testify that Caylee usually wakes after Cindy has left for work (6:30 – 7:00 am approx). It is believed that Caylee awake that day around 7:30 – 7:45 when we see Casey’s activity resumes. It is possible that she was still asleep until later that morning.

7:28 – 9:27 am Casey calls, texts, & internet from Anthony home

9:27 am Casey posts a picture of the interior of Fusion nightclub on her MySpace page. This is the last Casey electronic activity until 1:27 pm.
No calls were made or answered, no internet/computer activity, no texting, pings remain at or near the Anthony home. Tony Lazzaro calls
Casey at 11:47 am but the calls goes unanswered. Casey does not respond to Tony’s call until 12:53 pm.  This represents a 4 hour gap in Casey’s electronic activity.

12:50 pm George claims Casey & Caylee leave the Anthony home. He allegedly is able to perfectly describe exactly what Caylee was wearing 30+ days later.

12:53 pm Casey returns to electronic activity but cell phone pings remains at or near the Anthony home. The following ping map provided by shows the cell towers Caseys cell phone signal was connecting to and bouncing back from.,-81.309128&spn=0.265966,0.43396&t=h&z=11

12:55 pm Tony L returns Caseys text message.
1:00 pm Tony L calls Casey’s cell phone. (Call ends 1:13 pm)
1:26 pm Casey texts Jesse G
1:27 pm Casey texts Jesse G
(This is the approximate time that George Anthony left the family home on his way to his 2nd day on the job at Lexus.)
1:44 pm Casey calls Amy H. They speak for 36 minutes (Call ends 2:20 pm)
(25 – 30 minute gap in Casey electronic activity)
2:52 pm Jesse G calls Casey. They speak for 12 minutes (Call ends at 3:04 pm)
3:03 pm George calls Casey’s cell. She does not answer as she is still talking with Jesse G
(This call previously attributed by media as Casey calling George but is inaccurate)
This same call is made 3 minutes into George’s shift, 2nd day on the job
(Second 30 minute gap in Casey’s electronic activity)
3:35 pm Casey calls Tony L. Call goes unanswered
(Third 30 minute gap in Casey’s electronic activity)
4:10 pm Casey calls George @ Lexus. This call goes unanswered
4:11 pm Casey calls Cindy. This call goes unanswered
4:13 pm Casey calls Cindy. This call also goes unanswered
4:14 pm Casey calls George @ Lexus. This call disconnects after 1 minute
Casey appears to leave the Anthony home and/or area heading North.
4:18 pm Casey texts Tony L
4:19 pm Tony L texts Casey & Casey immediately calls him (1 minute call disconnects at 4:20 pm)
4:21 pm Casey calls Jesse G. This call goes unanswered.
4:25 pm Casey is in area of Gentiva, Cindy’s work per ping map & calls Cindy again. Again the call goes unanswered.
(2 hour 10 minutes gap in activity however we know that Casey’s pings have her traveling to Tony L’s apartment & she does not return to the Anthony residence or area any more this day. This being true Caylee’s death & the hiding of her remains would have had to happened at some point earlier in the day.)
6:31 pm Casey calls Cindy’s cell phone. This call goes unanswered
6:32 pm Casey calls Cindy’s cell phone. This call goes unanswered
6:32 pm casey calls home. Call lasts 1 minute & disconnects at 6:33 pm
7:06 pm Casey calls home. Call last 2 minutes & disconnects at 7:08 pm

I included the last 4 calls to show how many times Casey attempted to reach her mother, Cindy, that afternoon.

Now, as we look back over the evidence it become abundantly clear that there is a 4 hour gap in electronic activity and 3 smaller gaps of 30 minutes each. The larger gap is startling considering that usual electronic activity for Casey Anthony. Most especially the hour gap between Tony’s call and her response. I don’t believe there will be any other instance of this occurring during normal waking hours, either before or after June 16 2008.

George Anthony’s version of events & the State of Florida Prosecutor’s office contends that Caylee Anthony was murdered during one of those 30 minute gaps. While there are still 3  short gaps in activity; it is hard to imagine anyone murdering their child in cold blood, hiding the remains, and then calling and texting seconds after. Should this indeed be the case, I contend that the Death Penalty is in order. 

 I find it much more believable that Caylee was found drowned in the family pool & hidden by George and/or Casey during that 4 hour gap. In that senario Casey wouldn’t have replied to Tony right away. She would be busy or too distraught. Within 30 minutes of electronic activity resuming George leaves the Anthony home headed for Lexus. Before George leaves for work Casey texts Jesse Grund twice. It may have been because she didn’t want George to over hear what was said. Immediately after George leaves Casey calls Amy H. They talk for over a half an hour. Thirty minutes later Jesse calls Casey where upon they speak for 12 minutes.  Jesse later reveals that Casey had told him during that conversation “My mom wants me out of the house & my parents are getting divorced” (Shirley & Rick Plesea emails support this) Jesse admits it was not a regular conversation.  As soon as George is on the clock at work he calls Casey. Was this to validate an alibi?

After speaking with Tony, Jesse, & Amy she calls Dad, Mom, Mom, Dad. When all of these calls go unanswered she leaves the Anthony home. Was Casey trying to get her parents to agree to come clean with authorities? Did she want to tell the truth at that point? If Casey outright & in cold blood murdered Caylee why was she calling her parents repeatedly? I am sure it wasn’t to say “Guess what I just did”.

Did George hide Caylee somewhere Casey was unaware of? Without Caylee’s remains Casey would be unable to prove what really happened. Were Caylee’s remains later put into Casey’s trunk without her knowledge. She did claim that George had borrowed her car the day before the smell became noticable. Did George just plant some of the decomposition fluids? Was he the one who put Caylee’s remains where she was finally located? Where does Roy Kronk fit into all of this?

My next article will show how Roy Kronk’s “discovery” coincided with the State’of Florida’s decisions to not seek the Death Penalty,  the reversal of that decision & how it applies to a Death Penalty sentencing.



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How Does The State’s Decisions On Seeking The Death Penalty Fit Into The Sexual Abuse Allegations Timeline?

I wanted to follow-up on my previous article with information about when the State of Florida prosecutors both dropped the Death Penalty charges & later decided to reinstitute the Death Penalty charges and how these decisions fit into the abuse allegations timeline. The following is the evidence of those decisions & what I have concluded.

December 5 2008: State Not Seeking The Death Penalty

In a release about the decision, the State Attorney’s Office wrote:

“This afternoon, after consideration of the law and unique facts applicable to the above case, the State filed its notice that it is not in the best interest of the people of the State of Florida to pursue the death penalty as a potential sentence. Therefore, the State of Florida will not be seeking the death penalty against defendant Casey Anthony.”

If something were to change, for instance if Caylee’s body were to be found before the case goes to trial, prosecutors could change their minds and decide to go for the death penalty.

December 12 2008: Caylee’s remains are finally located via Roy Kronk’s information
Sheriff’s Office spokesman Jim Solomons said that a utility worker found the body at 9:32 a.m. EST Thursday in a wooded area less than a half-mile from the house Caylee lived in with her grandparents and mother.,2933,465424,00.html

December 16 2008: Lee Anthony’s DNA comparison to Caylee Anthony’s DNA report is recieved proving he is not Caylee Anthony’s Biological father.

See pg 60 of the following document for date this report was recieved. Page 61 describes that DNA was collected, what date, & who from. Page 62 relays the information of Lee not a match for Caylee’s DNA.

December 19 2008: Remains Confirmed To Be Caylee Anthony

Medical Examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia said,

“With regret, I am here to inform you that the skeletal remains found on Dec. 11 are those of the missing toddler Caylee Anthony.”,0,1859200.story

April 13 2009: Fla. Seeks Death for Casey Anthony Prosecution reverses earlier decision after remains found

Prosecutors knew within days of Caylee’s remains being found that her DNA would not prove the sexual abuse allegations. Four months later they reversed their previous decision and decided to seek the Death Penalty at trial.


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Did Casey Tell The Sexual Abuse Story To Authorities In 2008?

Throughout the Caylee Anthony Missing Child case & the Casey Anthony Murder case people have often stated they believe that if Casey had told authorities the drowning &/or sex abuse story that the State of Florida would not have sought a murder charge or the death penalty. I believe I have found evidence to prove that Casey did in fact relay this version of events to authorities in October of 2008.

October 13 2008: Casey Indicted by Grand Jury

Once at the OCSO Department Casey tells officers that she and her attorney, Jose Baez, are willing to have a sit-down meeting with authorities to discuss the facts of the case. This sit-down meeting is not recorded but the minutes preceding it are recorded by Nifter Media on You tube. Videos 1-7  (videos 4,5, & 6 are of Casey sitting in the room alone)

(video 1)

In video 7 at 5:30 the video picks back up after the unrecorded meeting. A male voice off camera asks Casey “Why did you wait so many years to tell about it?” The officers on camera become visibly annoyed and ignore the question as does Casey. Both men turn away from the questioner and the officer on the left chatters about the handcuffs to change the subject.  (Video 7)

*****Edited to included correct video

October 20 2008:

The rest of the Anthony family has DNA collected. A FBI investigator orders Lee’s sample to be typed against Caylee’s sample to determine paternity. The return FBI report documents when the samples were taken, which test they were used for, and the results of those tests. The DNA paternity test is negative for Lee Anthony being Caylee’s biological father. Keep in mind that this testing is requested after the unrecorded meeting & within 6 days of that meeting. (Pages 61 & 62)

This, I propose, is proof positive that Casey relayed the sexual abuse story to authorities on October 13 2008.It is my estimation that they required Casey to offer proof of these allegations. Her answer was the potential forCaylee to be Lee’s child via incestual rape. While it is now known that Lee is not Caylee’s father it neither provesnor disproves the incest allegations.

While it appears that the authorities did entertain the idea & investigated her claims they did not change their position on the charges. If  prosecutors did temporarily change their position they later reverted back to theMurder I charges & sought the Death Penalty. I believe this is due to Caylee’s  DNA not matching for Lee Anthony. This would have been proof positive of her claims.

Outside of the DNA matching, the only other evidence that could be given to support these claims would be aneye-witness testimony from a person known to Casey long-term.

These allegations have yet to be proven.


Did Florida Prosecutors Temporarily Stop Seeking The Death Penalty Due to Casey’s Abuse Allegations?

Further research into when FL State Prosecutors stated they would not seek the Death Penalty & how it fits into the unrecorded meeting about abuse claims & DNA testing timeline. Also when the Prosecution reverted back to seeking the Death Penalty & how it fits into this timeline.


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The Casey Anthony Boyfriend Timeline

    While following the Caylee Anthony case I have often heard her mother Casey referred to as a slut or comments about her cheating on the men in her life.  However, I had noticed a different pattern and wanted to spend some time clairifying it, even if just for myself. I used the statements & depositions of the men Casey was involved with along with any electronic communications to make this timeline.

Casey sex w TonyR             01/02/2008 
Casey & Rico begin            02/23/2008
Casey & Rico split              04/14/2008
Casey sex w TonyR 1x     05/02/2008  
Casey sex wih ChrisS       05/17/2008   
Casey Met TonyL              05/24/2008
Casey TonyL 1st               06/01/2008    

Once Casey started dating TonyL she never spoke to TonyR again

Casey staying over at Rico’s after 06/15/2008 does not mean they had sex. Amy was also there & she and Rico were dating/sleeping together by that time.

None of these guys were cheated on.

Ultimately Casey had sex with 4 different guys during this timeline.  Some might say “Four guys in 5-6 months?? That’s a lot!” while others might cover that number in 1 week or 1 month.

I wonder how many sex partners Amy, Annie, Maria, and/or the guys had during that same time?

Edited to include ChrisS encounter. He was a previous boyfriend. Thank you @DianeAx for the reminder about Chris. Here is the link to his offical statement that verifies this date


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