Putnam Visitor Kendra Snoddy Dies Under Suspicious Circumstances

by Lesa Conway

   Kendra Douglas Snoddy, mother of 3, visited Putnam county FL for a couple of days just after the 4th of July holiday. She had enjoyed a happy 4th with her daughters and her brother, Deputy Mark Douglas of the Indian River Sheriff’s Department. Mark had thrown a party and Kendra attended. She brought her daughters and a friend. The man with Kendra was a previous boyfriend from her teenage years. They had gone their separate ways for the past 25 years and had managed to re-connect just a few months before. Kendra’s brother Mark says he had not seen Tom Shumacher in the interim 25 yrs either but was leery of him and their relationship.

   After leaving Mark’s home in Vero Beach FL, Kendra and Tom made their way to Interlachen where Tom had been residing. Kendra had previously gotten acquainted with Tom’s friends, Jon Carlson, and his two room mates Billy Robertson and Julie Chaffe. Just after 12:10 pm on Monday, July 5th, Kendra’s daughters lost contact with her. Deputy Douglas says “Kendra was the type that if she received a text from the girls she would answer within seconds. That’s how connected they were to one another”. When further attempts to reach Kendra went unanswered her family became concerned.

   Sources say that Kendra was seen at the Eagles Lodge on State Road 20 in Interlachen on Tuesday afternoon into early evening. She arrived in the company of Jon & Julie. People who were present state that Jon & Julie were so intoxicated that they both vomited on Lodge premises. Kendra also appeared extremely intoxicated and sources say witnesses were in fear for her safety and well-being. When the trio left the lodge they were heading to Jon’s house. He was hosting a party there and was expecting several people.

   Later that night or early the next morning a 911 call was placed to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department. Kendra was dead, victim of an overdose or so some are claiming. Kendra’s remains were  at Tom Shumacher’s residence, 106 Maverick Dr, Interlachen. That location is just blocks away from where the party was held. It is almost the exact mid-point between the Eagles Lodge and Jon Carlson’s home as well.

   By the next day rumors started to swirl about what had really happened to Kendra Snoddy. Some claimed that she had been experiencing overdose symptoms while at the party and was removed by Jon, Tom, & Billy to another location so that she wouldn’t die on Carlson’s property. Others said that Kendra had been taken close to a lake and abandoned.

    When Shumacher was interviewed by PCSO he claimed she had taken an overdose of her own medication. He said he found her in his bed with 3 empty pill bottles and claimed it was a suicide. Kendra’s brother Mark says they will know for sure once the toxicology reports come back in about 6 weeks. He also says he and his parents in no way believe that Kendra would willingly ingest all of those pills or try to commit suicide. Kendra has been described as a sweet, loving person who loved her daughters and was very close with them. Her family and friends in no way believe that she would choose to leave them, especially in that manner.

  When I spoke with Mark, he revealed to me that their father is a veteran Funeral Home Director. Both he and Mark have had extensive experience with death and human remains. Both men feel due to the conditions of Kendra’s remains, she may have been deceased for up to 24 hours longer then what is being reported to law enforcement. They also believe that Kendra was relocated after her death. Mark says he would not be shocked to hear that Kendra was abandoned during the last hours as she struggled for her life.

  Another source stated that “Tom Shumacher has left town and Jon, Billy, & Julie continue to party on as if nothing has happened. They think they are covering their tracks with this overdose story.”

    The Douglas family is very grateful for information about Kendra’s death. Mark would like for people to know that there will be a cash reward given in exchange for information that leads to an arrest and conviction should it be determined that Kendra was left to die rather than call for medical aid or had been moved either prior to or after her death. They love Kendra and mourn her passing.

    Kendra will be laid to rest on Saturday, July 10, 2010. Visitation will be from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Saturday at the First Presbyterian Church, 520 Royal Palm Blvd. Vero Beach, FL. A funeral service will be held 2 p.m. Saturday at the First Presbyterian Church with Dr. G. Timothy Womack officiating. Interment will follow in Crestlawn Cemetery, Vero Beach, FL.

Arrangements are under the direction of Strunk Funeral Home and Crematory Vero Beach, FL. A guest book may be signed at http://www.strunkfuneralhome.com

Memorial contributions may be made to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital , 5011 St. Jude Place, Memphis, TN 38105 in memory of Kendra

If you have any information about Kendra Douglas Snoddy or her death please contact Putnam County Sheriff’s Department or Indian River Sheriff’s Department.

Putnam County Sheriff
Jeff Hardy jhardy@putnamsheriff.org
Toll Free, Non-Emergency Calls / General Information 1-800-426-9975

You may also forward tips to HollysGmom@yahoo.com



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5 responses to “Putnam Visitor Kendra Snoddy Dies Under Suspicious Circumstances

  1. LFlorida

    My sympathies to the family and all who loved her. I am so sorry that they have suffered such a tremendous loss especially under such unexpected, tragic, and questionable circumstances.

    The measured, diplomatic tone of the reward offer is greatly admired. Hopefully the toxicology report and an autopsy will reveal whether criminal conduct occurred before or after her death.

    Again, my condolences to those whose lives are less joyful without her in it.

    Putnam County, Florida

  2. bwhite

    God Bless Kendra’s soul, and may God watch over the families involved to avoid rumors and incorrect media from making a very sad, terrible situation unnecessarily worse.

  3. LKodd

    My sypathies to Kendra’s family for such an unexpected tragic loss and I understand their need to know the truth of what happened.

    I must state though that I find your articles confusing. First you say she was found at a lake, in the next article it was at her old boyfriend’s house; which is it? The timeline; you state her children lost contact with her around Noon on Monday the 5th, and she was seen (according to your sources) in the company of multiple individuals on Tuesday late afternoon (which was the 6th), meaning she was out of touch for 24-30 hours, that’s a long time, did anyone try to find her? You also state she experienced and overdose between 6:00pm and Midnight on Tuesday with the ambulance call after that and “she did not make it” – doesn’t that mean she was not pronounced until Wednesday the 7th, though her obituary says she died on Tuesday the 6th. Your articles imply (from your sources comments) that the other people she was with Tuesday afternoon/evening are involved in a criminal conspiracy involving her death, but you make no mention of whether they have been questioned by the police. Are they being looked at by the authorities? Have they even been spoken to or contacted by the police?

    I commend you on shedding light on this tragedy as it would not be considered in main stream media. However, after reading your articles I must ask; have you confirmed any of this with the authorites who are investigating the matter? Do you check your sources before you write articles? Am I just not understading the whole picture here – or is only part of the picture being presented by you? Are you printing the truth or inuendo/rumor? Let’s face it anybody can say anything – it doesn’t mean it is true.

    Rumor and innuendo unfortunately may create tragedy and havoc for those who may not be deserving of it and this story has enough tragedy on it’s own without adding to it. Additioanlly reporting articles of this manner can also create a liability (potential serious) for those writing/publishing the information.

  4. Thank you for your post. I understand that the two articles SEEM to contradict each other. The first was written based upon local witnesses accounts of what happened. The second article was written using mostly information given to Kendra’s family members. That is the reason for the descrepancies. Yes, the Putnam County Sheriff Office is investigating this case. More information is comming in daily.

  5. RadioNewz

    If this is another case like the Haleigh Cummings case– you know– where everyone was there, but no one knows what happened… then yes, of course it should be looked into.

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