Putnam Drugs Rampant: Interlachen Visitor Dies Of Drug Overdose After Left By Lake


 BY: Lesa Conway

 It was brought to my attention tonight that yet another person has fallen to the prevalence of drugs in Putnam County FL. It seems that Kendra Douglas Snoddy, 41, of Sunrise FL came to Interlachen FL over the July 4th Holiday and did not leave alive. Sources say that Kendra was visiting with friends and had plans to attend a party Tuesday night in Interlachen .

Kendra Douglas Snoddy

Kendra D Snoddy

 Kendraq’s Picture is borrowed from her FaceBook page: http://www.facebook.com/friends/?id=100001095262227#!/profile.php?id=1845608021

  She had been seen in the company of local residents at a nearby Eagles Lodge late that afternoon. She appeared to be extremely intoxicated as did her companions. Witness report that both the male and the female with her vomited before leaving. I am told others at the club were concerned for her welfare. Sometime between 6:00 PM and Midnight on Tues, June 6th 2010 Kendra experienced symptoms of an overdose. There was a 911 call made. Kendra did not make it. I have forwarded more specific information to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office in reports I’ve recieved so far.

  One person was very upset and confused as to why there was no media coverage about it. ApparentlyI am the only person writing about Kendra. My contact is very concerned that there is more to this story and hopes the truth will come out. She personally knew Kendra and said she didn’t seem the type. She did know that some aquaintances of Kendra’s are very much into the drug scene, including Kendra’s boyfriend, who is a local resident and is rumored to have been at the party with Kendra the night she died. I know there was a 911 call and that Kendra was picked up beside a lake & not at the party host’s property, by design. Kendra likely died because she didn’t recieve help fast enough. More than one person took Kendra away from the party and dropped her along a nearby lake. That is where I am told the ambulance responded to. Kendra leaves behind three daughters, a brother, and more. Those who knew her say she was a good person who let her heart lead her to danger then ultimately death.

  We now know that Haleigh Cummings and her brother Jr were surrounded by drugs. Many people believe, in one way or another, that drug lifestyle choice made by their care-takers is directly responsible for Haleigh’s disappearance and possibly her death. Haleigh wasn’t able to make her family change and the situation was beyond her ability to choose. Kendra was able to choose. She chose the people she was with, she most likely chose the alcohol & drug(s), but she didn’t choose to be relocated and left in the grass, as precious minutes and her life ticked away.

 Followers of Haleigh’s case have argued/debated many times about the possibility that Haleigh also died as a result of a drug overdose and dumped rather then receiving help. We still don’t know for sure after 18 months. I implore you, if you have any infomation about this case please contact Putnam County Sheriff’s Office. We can not allow a person’s life to end just because someone else is afraid of a drug charge. We need to do everything we can to ensure this never happens to another person. Both within Putnam County FL and our own home towns.

 Putnam County Sheriff
Jeff Hardy jhardy@putnamsheriff.org
Toll Free, Non-Emergency Calls / General Information 1-800-426-9975

You may also forward tips to HollysGmom@yahoo.com



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21 responses to “Putnam Drugs Rampant: Interlachen Visitor Dies Of Drug Overdose After Left By Lake

  1. LFlorida

    With regard to the lack of publicity about Kendra’s death – it is standard practice for media to not report news regarding deaths unless the person or their death was public [or newsworthy.]

    While it is understandable that Kendra’s family would like coverage in order to find out what really happened to her, in most cases the media presumes and respects the family’s privacy and the dignity of the deceased.

    They may want to contact the Gainesville Sun and the Palatka Daily News to request more coverage and make an appeal for others to come forward with information regarding the events of that night.

    Both newspapers named above tend toward more conservative coverage so they would not be likely to go into the more sensational aspects of the case and Kendra’s life.

    However, the family should be aware that once it becomes “news,” they will have little or no control over what is published in the news and on the internet.

  2. katelyn robertson

    i advise whoever is writing all of this on her death to please have all the facts before dragging other peoples families into this mess and causing problems within their family thank you
    a family member of the accused

    • Lisa Gambino

      You need to wake up to reality!!No specific person is dragging any families into any mess.
      Only time will tell…Action speaks louder than words..
      Kendra was murdered!!The truth of the matter is what some people do not know is that… The facts and the evidence speak for themselves.Witnesses that have somewhat of a guilty conscience are talking.Someone really knows what happened!!

      • sherry

        well the way i see it . I know kendra was a good person and who ever had any thing to do with this will have to live with it the rest of their life. 3 young girls lost their mother to some cold hearted people. that did not have the heart to help her. good luck to the family of kendra i hope you dont stop until you get the answer you need to put these people away.

  3. bwhite

    The articles written appear to have several incorrect facts. Though the author likes to investigate..please don’t post information that is not factual. Kendra (bless her soul) appears to be from a devoted Christian family, as is the accused. Neither family deserves issues created from false media – this comes across as disrespectful. From Another family member of the accused.

  4. Lisa Gambino

    The articles that appear to be written have facts….Neither family deserves any kind of disrespecting what so ever..All we need is the correct and truthful answers..Everyone needs to work together and solve this case quickly and quietly..Kendra is from a very devoted Christian family.Kendra was a devoted mother and would do anything for anyone at anytime..Kendra’s family deserves to know the truth of what really happened to her..They need closure so the person, or persons responsible for her death can be held responsible and hope that the Justice System will seek the death penalty.. Kendra did not deserve to be left to die!!!Why??The Question that really should be asked to all of the people at the party…Why not drop Kendra off at a hospital!People that are quick to judge her must not have known Kendra very well, she was a very responsible and loving person.We all miss her very much.

  5. julie chaffee

    I am writing this on behalf myself ,jon carlson and Billy Robertson. We are extending our condelances to Kendra’s family where they think it is shallow and unwarrented! We invloved or so they think you can contact us via my web site or home phone #386-350-0256 we will be willing to sit down an discuss the TRY FACTS….. The articles that have been printed are a bunch of lies and untruths !!!!! Please be advised that we three are going to the lead detctive tomoorow and clearing up this matter .If you have anything more question please direct them to our lawyer for the lawsuit that will presue from this matter. Once again we are greiving the loss of our friend!!!

  6. Lisa Gambino

    First of all…Thank you for writing back so quickly.I am in no way shape or form accussing you,Jon Carlson,or Billy Robertson of any wrong doing.We all are grieving the loss of of a very dear friend…We are very thankful for you,Jon Carlson, and Billy Robertson cooperating with the lead detective in this case.I will be more than happy to talk to your Attorney.What is the name of your Attorney? Is he/she representing you,Jon Carlson,and Billy Robertson? That may be a conflict.I don’t know who you think is pointing fingers at you,Jon Carlson, Or Billy Robertson…..I am not…FYI…Do you know the name of the lead Detective in this case? I heard that several Agencies are working this case…Please help us find out the truth of what happened if you know..

  7. Carol Thomas

    What a sad time for all of the families involved.Who is Lisa Conway?Why be ”annonymous”?Let the proper authorities do their job.I am sure that the Lead Detective has alot of Information thanks to the people who gave the correct information.I am sure he will get in touch with Lisa Conway and Lisa Gambino.Maybe both of them were at the Club that night?

    • I can’t speak for Ms Gambino but I can assure you I was not at the club that night or any other night. However in light of how afraid everyone is to come up against this crowd, I WISH I HAD BEEN!

      • Debbie Rosenthal

        What a tragic story.Does?Or will anyone know the truth as to what really happened to Kendra Snoody?It seems like everyone is either really afraid to talk?Or are they waiting to be approached by the Authorities?Is this the same crowd that had association to Ronald Cummings?

  8. I WELCOME the LEAD investigator to contact me.
    Actually I will be contacting him about all of the activity on this article, the forum I belong to, my twitter account, and more. 🙂
    BTW Greg, I spoke with Billy’s son and he “set me straight” about my mis-perception of Billy and his record. I ALSO corrected the information apparently right after you copied it.
    As per my statements reguarding Kendra’s remains, those came straight from her brother.

    I think you doth protest too much……Interlachen gang.

  9. Laurie

    Maybe all of the people on here talking about the situation should learn to keep their mouths shut until they know the true facts. Slander is a nice little law suit. I personally know Julie and she is not capable of anything that you people are saying. She may have a rough exterior but on the inside she has a heart of gold. A heart so big that she is not capable of any of this. As far as a criminal record for your information she does not have one what so ever. So back off and let the investigators do their jobs.

    • Laurie

      by the way….none of the stories on here even collaborate. Everyone has a different story and no one has the true facts. Zip it UP !!!!

      • Laurie

        On another note: the article written by Lesa Conway was written in very poor taste, not professional at all, and the article jumps all over the place. Hope you don’t do this for a full time living.

  10. Interlachen

    At least someone had the balls to speak up when Kendra could no longer speak for herself. No one called 911 for nearly 24 hours after her death. This is disgusting! You never stopped partying long enough to help her. You let her die. God save your sole. Now you must live with the fact that you let her die. If it were you, wouldn’t you want someone trying to find answers? Even if some of the info is slightly off, at least someone is TRYING. You never did.

  11. jaw

    i know for a fact that she wasn’t in the eagles on tuesday because i was there so if she passed away it wasn’t that day can’t wait for the toxicology report to come back to find out what really happened i met kendra once really nice girl pleasent to be around when the toxicology report comes back we all will have the answers and god bless her she’s in a better place than we are now and hopefully the accused gets there justice if there is any foul play

  12. jaw

    i know for a fact the kendra wasn’t at the eagles on tuesday because i was there i met kendra once and she was a really nice girl i am sorry that this had happend to her we’ll all know when the toxicology report comes back what really happend to her did anyone find out what the report was or has it come back yet? i am an eagles member and we don’t treat our patrons like that if they got sick at the bar then they must be feeling guilty hopefully the accused get put to justice if there is any foul play if not let her soul rest in peace amen

  13. Robin Gutierrez

    I am not at all suprised that Julie Chaffee is involved in something like this. My heartfelt condolances to Kendras family.

    • Laurie

      You are a fucking asshole Robin, she is your own sister and just because you are mad at her don’t for once think that she would do something like this. Grow ta hell up.

  14. again?

    This is a big problem in putnam county!!!!!

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