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3 responses to “Just Added! Ask INN

  1. Everyone I know wants KC to get the fairest trial. Have the best possible mature professional defense. What it appears KC has are attorney that have OTHER selfish agenda’s. $$$ Greed and Pride. That is why Caylee does not have JUSTICE.

    • I do know what you are saying. Casey needs a fair defense & trial. The only way to convict without getting it overturned is by doing it the right way. She has reasons for appeal(s) stacking up like cord wood. I don’t agree with the name calling of the defense team. If they are incompetent, all the better for Caylee’s team. I would expect them to pull out all the stops for ANY client. They’re DEFENSE attorneys. People sometimes act like they’ve never known or heard of such before. It’s why lawyers typically have a bad name. Well, that and ambulance chasing and this isn’t that far off. I’m still waiting to hear the “Dream Team” for Misty, Tommy, Joe, and maybe Ronald. You just know some attorney is out there chomping at the bit to sign on as soon as charges are officially filed. We shouldn’t even be shocked at the tricks they’ll pull. Outraged, yes…but not shocked.
      If we think the story is convoluted now, just wait. We’ll all be pulling out our hair going in circles trying to sort through fact & fiction. I’m scared about justice for Caylee or Haleigh. This said I will do everything within my power to see that it’s done.
      Thanks for posting!

  2. Kool Look

    Hey Hollys, just realizing this is your site. Remember me from BNN? Been a stranger lately on the web, real life going on, hehe My son’s 12 year old Birthday today.

    I’m celebrating him, and his life, then little Haleigh, little Caylee, just makes me more determined to hang in there til the end for these children. At least we know in our hearts, their loved by us and most of their families. Keep up the good work. You’ve earned a great site and recognization as you’ve put many hours into sleuthing, learning and gathering information to be able to write about these cases. Hugs KL

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