Is there a connection between George Brothers, Harald Dude (Colombo Family) & Haleigh Cummings?

I am continuing my investigation into the realtion of Christopher & Jeffery George & Harald Dude to the Haleigh Cummings kidanpping investigation.

During recently released audio files William “Cobra” Staubs talks with Jerome (Williams) & a woman going by the name of Barbara Freeman. In those files they discuss a larger crime boss that Ronald allegedly owed $26,000+ to and the name “George”. I today’s news I happened to notice that a pair of twins from Palm Beach FL have had their Pain Clinics raided and are currently under investigation for illegal pill sales, money laundering, and more.  There is also a connection between the George Brothers and a Crime Boss for the Colombo Crime Family. That connection is Harald Dude. I have amassed various links from newspaper articles to show the connections between these people.  Are these people behind Haleigh’s disappearance?

Police in Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio say they have made separate arrests of drug suspects carrying pills prescribed by

doctors at that clinic, owned by 28-year-old Christopher George of Royal Palm Beach, records show.

George has no formal medical training _ although he does claim a financial stake in an “anti-aging” clinic founded by his

twin brother, Jeffrey George, court records show.

Christopher George, a former draftsman with a home builder, pleaded guilty in 2002 to possession of steroids with intent to

sell, after postal inspectors tracked a package of pills he ordered on the Internet, court records show. He also pleaded

guilty to grand theft for stealing a motorcycle, records show. He served concurrent sentences of five months in jail and

three years’ probation.

George’s brother Jeffrey, who has a criminal record of grand theft and resisting arrest _ owns two other South Florida pain

clinics, records show. The brothers are now tangled in a court dispute over the profits from South Florida Pain.

A meeting between Christopher George and an undercover DEA agent wearing a recording device yielded even more evidence of

the alleged unethical practices of the clinic such as money laundering and illegal distribution of prescription drugs,

according to the documents.

George allegedly told the informant that he had “40 million in assets that needed to be laundered,” according to the

documents, and that he was carrying about $50,000 in cash that “reflected one day of income from the American Pain Clinic.”

This article gives more details into the George Brothers Pill Mill operations.

In the suit, prosecutors said George has been under investigation on suspicion of drug trafficking and money laundering for

18 months. Investigators said George tried to conceal his role as American Pain’s owner by listing his mother and

girlfriend as “straw owners” on corporate records. But George, 29, of Royal Palm Beach, has not been charged with any


The suit describes American Pain as a massive — and massively lucrative — enterprise, attracting 250 patients a day from

Kentucky, Ohio and South Carolina to buy painkillers. Prosecutors described the patients as mules in a drug-running circuit

throughout the South: Out-of-state couriers could buy one pill of the painkiller oxycodone at American Pain for $5, and

resell the narcotics in their home states for as much as $80 a pill, the suit says.
Those details are contained in a forfeiture lawsuit the U.S. attorney’s office filed this week seeking to seize three

houses from American Pain’s owner, Christopher George. The suit was filed Wednesday, the same day federal agents and local

sheriff’s deputies raided American Pain and two other clinics operated by George’s twin brother, Jeffrey.

Crime Boss- Colombo Family

According to this article from Palm Beach Post:  

As they made their way in the pain management industry, the twins, who often were at odds with one another, did business

with a colorful cast of characters — including the investor ex-husband of a notorious Palm Beach socialite and a captain of

the Colombo crime family, state and county records show

A man identified by federal authorities as one of South Florida’s most infamous organized crime figures has won a $13

million verdict from a Miami federal jury in a civil racketeering case against his former business partners – one of them a

Palm Beach socialite and former husband of Roxanne Pulitzer.

 After a two week trial , an eight-person jury found that Dude acquired an interest in Palm Beach Ventures, Mobile

Management Corp. and Florida Ventures Inc., the companies that owned Club Diamonds and the shopping center, through “a

pattern of racketeering activity, which included bankruptcy fraud and obstruction of justice.” They also found that Dude

was associated with an enterprise “to conduct or participate indirectly in such enterprise

According to this article the Crime Boss mentioned in the previous article is Harold Dude, former husband of Palm Beach

Socialite Roxanne Pulitzer. Ms. Pulitzer is the ex-wife of an heir to the Pulitzer Family Dynasty.  The following article

details her life & loves, including a mention of a 3rd husband and a tell-all book.

This article talks more in depth about The George Brothers & Harald Dude’s business relatioship.

By 2008, the brothers were running pain management centers in Palm Beach and Broward counties. Between setting up clinics,

Jeff George branched in other directions.

In early 2008, he planned to open a massage parlor in West Palm Beach when a broker introduced him to investor Harald Dude,

said Dude’s attorney, Marshall Rosenbach.

Dude, husband of Roxanne Pulitzer until the couple divorced in 2001, was embroiled in an ugly legal battle over a West Palm

Beach strip club, and he jumped at the chance to lease space to the young businessman.

Fighting Dude for ownership of Dreamgirls, formerly Club Diamonds, was Thomas Farese, a captain in the Colombo crime

family. Farese was convicted in 1998 of using the club to launder money. He’s been wrangling over the North Congress Avenue

business ever since.

Jeff George’s massage parlor, Executive Touch, never got off the ground, but soon after the failed venture he approached

Dude about leasing the contested strip club.

In February, Dude, weary of Farese, struck a deal to sell an interest in the company that owned the shopping center to Jeff

George, Rosenbach said. As co-owners of the property, Jeff George and his father now are moving to evict Farese. The case

still is pending in Circuit Court. Reached Friday, Farese declined to comment.
In this article Pultizer describes Harald Dude, the break-up of their marriage, and his Crime Family connections.

She married Dude, a German businessman who moved in the same circles as her former husband Peter, in 1995. He was quiet, well—mannered and, she admits, the worst pick she ever made.

“He is the one I’m most embarrassed of,” she says. “No one believes me when I say I did not know he owned Club Diamonds (a local strip club). That first year, we were living it up: plane, boat . . . then the next year, everything was gone —  bankruptcy. That’ll be tagged to me forever.”  Their battles in Palm Beach and Aspen, Colo., were legendary. They divorced in 2000, yet he still attended the wedding of Roxanne’s son, Mac. “I’d just gone through a year of hell,” Roxanne explained. “Harald (Dude) had cut the electricity off in my house. I’d  caught him in bed with a girl. His Mafia friends were gonna make my head into a hood ornament. So I hadn’t been out with anyone for about a year. I’d been in counseling. It just wasn’t going right.”

I am continueing my investigation into the realtions of these people and how it relates back to Haleigh Cummings case.
More to come and some people think there’s nothing to be afraid of by investigating this case…..



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12 responses to “Is there a connection between George Brothers, Harald Dude (Colombo Family) & Haleigh Cummings?

  1. DramaQueen

    look how popular you are suddenly you;re on radio’s twitter!

  2. Hmmm

    And on the RadioNewz blog too…. like out of nowhere. Hmmm…..

  3. Kool Look

    artciles are very interesting, hmmm wonder if there is any truth to what’s said and being looked at? Keep up the hard work and sleuthing mind, inquiring minds want to know.

    This could explain alot of actions concerning LE, and the players. Ya never know, maybe there is truth to a drug connection, Haleigh, lessons being taught, and Ron owing a higher up drug person willing to take those most of the time un-thinkable acts to prove a point, get revenge or seek re-imbursement for drugs due.

    It would truly be a sad sad thing if Haleigh was taken because of a drug debt, or any kind of drug activities. Leave the child out of these supposed grown up situations, she had nothing to do with the mistakes of the adults in her life or the adults and avengers that maybe involved in removing her that fateful night from the safety and security of her very own bed and home. The children aren’t free game in the hunt, their innocent and deserve protection, even from the worse and criminally inclined individuals. Protect the Babes.

  4. I posted your link on my twitter/YT page when I found your site the other day, you have done an excellent job researching. This is amazing. It would be wise for someone to start talking! :0) I think you have it nailed with the connections, and now I wonder who in the police department is connected to any of this, if at all? I hope they are all clean, but you never know.

  5. looking for justice

    Hey Holly, This is an awesome article. Thank you for the invite. I will be checking in from time to time to see if there is any connection.
    You are doing an outstanding job.

    • THanks for stopping by. THings are about to heat up around here. I’ve got a lot of new ideas, things that will help put things into real perspective for us all!

      Welcome & please come by anytime. If you know of anyone with something they’d like to share with the world; opinions, theories, commentary on the by-products of the investigation:Bloggers, Audios, Communications, etc, we are looking for writers and are accepting applications. Email me for info

  6. WHY I think Misty is GUILTY:

    Misty: “Kids loved me like mom.” “It’s what Haleigh WOULD HAVE wanted” “She was riding her bike…she was doing fine THEN”

    Why would Misty knowing Tommy-Joe where coming for a gun not call Ron and tell him? Or why would she open the door for them?

    If Tommy and Joe where over and searching- Misty fails to call Ron?

    After Misty see the door wide OPEN, she does what? Misty never talked about fear or being frozen. What did she do? Go back to bed?

    Misty never ran outside and searched the outside.

    Fails to call 911 until RON makes her

    Can not remember anything

    Doesn’t know where Haleigh was sleeping

    Doesn’t know what Haleigh was wearing

    Finds the pink shirt

    Talks more about the pee on blanket than the missing HaLeigh

    The wedding

    Misty went to visit Cousin Joe in Tennessee (shows no fear)

    Lies, lies, lies

    Failed Polygraph’s

    Constant changing of the stories

    • THank You for your comment. I had written this article during one of the many dry spells and just after Cobra/Barbara audios were released. It seemed like a good possible connection.

      I feel sure it is Misty & Ron + Accidental OD whether given TO her or she took it by accident.

      ToC, TiC, & JO = cover-up.

      Joe= Patsy


    LE is making Misty-Tommy believe that LE believes the whole “JOE STORY” to get Misty-Tommy to confess to their part and put THEMSELVES at the crime scene.

    Misty-Tommy think they pinned this on Joe when in fact they are putting a nail in their own coffin. After LE gets Misty-Tommy to place their bodies at the crime scene they will go after MORE…

    When LE matches the rope to Tommy

    Then eventually Tommy will break and RON will go down with Misty.

    Piece by piece this will break.

    LE tricks are working IMO

  8. Cindy

    Are you still investigating this case?

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