Cobra Staubs Audio from BNN “cleaned” with GoldWave

I took the audio files of William “Cobra” Staubs from BNN article # 124003 and ran it through GoldWave audio program to take out most of the background noise making the files more easily heard. THe links for these audio files are:
BNN Audios #1-#5 (Files 29,25,26,27, & 28)

Sky/BNN #1

Sky/BNN #2

Sky/BNN #3

Sky/BNN #4

Sky/BNN # 5

Sound files are from TJ Hart @ Sky 97.3 in Gainesville FL

Simon & Jan Barrett @ BNN (Blogger News Network)



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4 responses to “Cobra Staubs Audio from BNN “cleaned” with GoldWave

  1. CathyJo63

    O hey,I didnt know you built this place,you’re a lifesaver gf!

  2. Kool Look

    great site so far, thank you very much. Informative and easy to read and understand. Who are you if I may ask? Seems the earlier poster knew you, I feel left out and dumb like I should already know the owner, LOL.

    Keep up the good work, especially the sleuthing. I’ve read of a woman having a suspected sighting of Haleigh, there’s like two or three. Are you one of them. One from a crime forum, can’t remember her name, but she feels she saw possibly Haleigh at her doctors office then followed her with hubby to some apartments.

    Then the well know two sightings in south carolina and Georgia documented by Tim Holsmeth site across the net and denied by LE altogether. TIA Hugs Any info helps Haleigh’s case who tried to get information out to the public, your trail seems reasonable

    • Kool Look;

      It is I,….HollysGmom. Welcome to my site. I’m glad you are enjoying the site & information. While I openly admit that the article is written from a point of speculation, I think it is still worthy of consideration.

      I think this theory could explain a lot of the actions or non-actions of the people involved in this case.

      Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you again!

      Welcome to all.


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