Update: Haleigh Cummings, Age 6; Abducted from Satsuma FL

  Haleigh Cummings has been missing from her home at 202 Green Lane in Satsuma FL for over a year. She was discovered missing around 3:00 am by her father’s live-in, 17 yr old girlfriend, Misty Croslin, on February 10th 2009. She had been at home with her younger brother, Butterbean/Jr & Misty. Her father was at work at PDM Bridge Company in Palatka and her mother lives miles away in Baker County FL.

There have been many theories as to what has happened to Haleigh. There seems to be a top three at this time.

  1. Misty Croslin Nee Cummings is responsible for accidental death or murder of Haleigh
  2. Misty’s brother of family member is responsible for accidental death or murder of Haleigh
  3. Haleigh’s mother and/or family member(s) abducted & have Haleigh hidden

Of these three theories, only one allows room for Haleigh to come home alive, #3 – The Sheffield Abduction theory. Many bloggers and followers of this case insist that this theory is the correct one & insist that it needs further investigation. While I do know that we, the general public, are not privy to all of the information that Law Enforcement (LE) have, I still feel that it is every citizen’s right to relay to authorities their concerns about others as well as potential leads in an investigation.

There have been several plausible explanations of the familial abduction theories. I myself, have done research in that direction. The info others & I have uncovered, in addition to my own potential Haleigh sighting, IMO warrants more investigation in that direction. If only to leave no stone unturned.

Since Haleigh’s father’s arrest, along with her once-would-have-been Step-mother, the stepmom’s brother, the stepmom’s BFF, and Ronald’s own minor cousin for drug trafficking many within the opposing group have started to lose hope about Haleigh returning home alive. They feel that the investigation should concentrate upon the incarcerated group. Due to Misty’s previous drug use/abuse, inconsistent statements to LE, the release of the Nay-Nay letters where-in Haleigh is described to have overdosed on Oxycontin, and the recent drug bust where the drug mentioned in the Nay-Nay letter was being bought & sold, this group feels that the investigation is right on course and anticipate more information to be forthcoming from these incarcerated individuals.

In the past, followers of this case, have learned of various plots & subplots through-out & from both sides. The one that seems to have divided the sides the most is th plot by Marie Griffis, Haleigh’s Maternal Grandmother & others to control various forums & direct attention, speculation, & unconfirmed accusations toward Haleigh’s father, his girlfriend, & families. This has been verified & confirmed by attorney Kim Picazio, who once represented Ms Sheffield, in her reply to a Bar complaint lodged against her by Crystal & Marie.

Since this revelation, there has been a concerted effort from the Cummings Camp to launch and maintain a counter-attack upon commentors or persons posting theories and/or opinions that are viewed as negative towards Ronald, Misty, and/or family members.  Recently there have been speculations about Ron and/or Misty being charged with Haleigh’s murder via Corpus Delecti or absent the body. Speculation contends that those who are in support of Ron and/or Misty have been redoubling their efforts to defend, deny, and deflect in an effort to help buy Ron & Co more time. Time for LE to locate an alive Haleigh.

 I’ve personally spent many hours investigating every angle of this case. I’ve looked at public records (Arrests, Marriages, Deeds), obituaries, birth announcements, & family trees for both sides of Haleigh’s family. I’ve poured over maps, schematics, interviews, 911 calls, & information from other sites ranging from SKY 97.3 & TJ Hart’s reports using AP standards. Along with TJ there is , Jax 4, & Orlando.  In addition I correlate posts & information from BNN, Art Harris, Websleuths, Scared Monkeys, Levi Page, Steph Watts, Tim Holmsmith, Topix, and more.

Recently Simon Barrett, Lead content writer & site Administrator at Blogger News Network surmised while speaking with TJ Hart & Denny Griffin (The Crime Dr.) on his radio show @ Blog Talk Radio, that he expects to be covering this case, in one form or another, for the next 2  years.  Both TJ & Denny agreed. TJ Hart then went on to say “there may be a resolution, or some closure, but the case will still continue”. This leads me to believe that Haleigh’s remains may be finally located or we may find out that she is no longer alive but the case will continue through prosecutional means.

Among the different “factions” or groups on common thread holds true; we ALL hope to find Haleigh alive & well. Second to that is that we ALL want her to be found & returned home, even if under the worst circumstances.

If you or someone you know has information about this case, please speak with law enforcement. There’s an innocent child missing without a trace. We need everyone’s help to bring her home.

While reading John Walsh’s book Tears OF Rage, I realized that a full 10 years after his son, Adam’s, abduction & murder, witnesses were finally just coming forward. These people thought that surely someone else had already relayed the information to LE. Problem was that some of the delayed information & witness accounts had been some of the best witness accounts there had been all together.

Haleigh’s been missing for 1 yr, 5 days and 22 hours….It’s time she came home!


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