Update: Aja Johnson, Age 7, Abducted From Oklahoma

  When I first learned of Aja Johnson & her abduction I had been doing research for the Haleigh Cummings case. As I clicked back to the Main page of  the BNN (bloggernews.net) website I saw Jan Barrett’s article about Aja’s Amber Alert. After reading the article, found there, I watched videos of Aja’s father, John Johnson, pleading for his young daughter’s return. It was heartbreaking & gut-wrenching to watch. I immediately started doing some investigative work into both Tonya Hobbs & Lester Hobbs. I linked up many different links for Lester Hobbs and a few for Tonya. I also pulled public records & previous addresses for Lester. I found Lester’s extensive arrest records as well as some social media groups that both Lester & Tonya were members of. None of this, however, has led us to Aja. 

 Detectives working on the case have made these recent comments: 

OSBI agent Richard Goss said he’s “never seen two people and a car so completely disappear.” and “Goss said there have been no legitimate sightings of the car – which he calls “the elephant” in the search.”  per Goss http://www.kauz.com/news/local/84273127.html 

It is now believed that Lester Hobbs ay have dyed both his & Aja’s hair in an effort to disguise himself & the girl.   

“Johnson said he believes that Hobbs has probably dyed his hair and Aja’s hair black in order to change their appearance.” per http://www.koco.com/news/22395246/detail. 

In a recent Press Statement the Comanche County Sheriff states that “nothing is off the table” in regard to The search for Aja. “The hot line has even received calls from psychics.”We’re looking at everything,” Stradley said. “We just keep asking for the public’s help.” 

To me, this is very good news.  It means that they are staying open minded to various avenues of information and may be willing to consider new or unconventional sources of information.  This statement could open the door for a few psychic or paranormal sources who may be able to offer some information towards the goal of finding Aja. Some of the gifted people who are already working to help locate Aja through unconventional means is Brian Ladd of briansdreams.com and Gale St John of psychicgalestjohn.com  both have been working to help locate missing persons for several years now. Brian already has a case file open for Aja full of dream info, drawings, and media releases. Recently, via a personal request for Gale to open a file for Aja, her assistant replied:  

 “Thank you for your request to open a new case.
Gale works closely with Brian on many cases.  I will forward your request to her and hopefully she will be able to shed some light on Aja’s case.”

I know that Brian and Gale with members of her team work together on various Missing Person Cases. I started visiting their websites back during the searches for Caylee Anthony in August of 2008. SInce then I have followed their case files  for Adji Desir, Haleigh Cummings, Somer Thompson, Marc Anthony Bookal, and a few others. I can’t say for sure that Brian and/or Gale will be able to bring Aja home, but it can’t hurt to try. Personally, I’m willing to stay open to any option in order to reach our goal.

 Authorities have surmised that Lester Hobbs has another person aiding him.

“Really, it boils down to two things,” Goss said. “Hobbs is either receiving aid from a person or persons we’ve not yet identified, or he’s isolated himself somewhere with the automobile.”

If this is true, that person is in grave danger. Hobbs is a very violent & dangerous man. If you or someone you know has information about Lester Hobbs or Aja Johnson you can contact the authorities by:

  • Calling 911
  • Call 1-800-843-5678
  • 1-800-THE-LOST® (1-800-843-5678) National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
  • 1-800-CRIME-TV  America’s Most Wanted Tip line

 The next update will include media links and maps of the area she disappeared from. 







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2 responses to “Update: Aja Johnson, Age 7, Abducted From Oklahoma

  1. michellefrommadison

    Maybe the mother created a situation that resulted in this ending, and if so, she should be charged with a crime.

    • While I agree with you about Moms who put their kids in dangerous & deadly situations, on this one I have to say that AJa’s Mom ended up paying the Ultimate Price. It has been determined by LE & forensic evidence that she gave her life trying to defend her daughter.

      Unlike so called “mom” Misty Cummings who thought of her own life over Haleighs.

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